The Shalva National Center is a most unique asset to the Jerusalem skyline.

It’s right here that thousands of children with disabilities along with their families experience life-changing rehabilitative programs and build futures with hope. Through innovative educational, therapeutic and recreational intervention, the children who blossom here are equipped with the tools for independent living and social inclusion.

The Shalva National Center’s impressive campus is comprised of an eleven-story architectural masterpiece, brimming with dozens of cutting edge facilities, all of which are nestled into six acres of national park greenery. The therapeutic, recreational and experiential spaces woven into the Center’s halls provide innovative care for various levels of disability, from birth through adulthood, as well as community-wide inclusion events. Some of its new programs and facilities, including virtual reality therapy, vocationally oriented higher education for adults with disabilities, and an accessible fitness center; are entirely new to Israel.

The Shalva National center is positioned at the entrance to Jerusalem, designated by the Jerusalem Municipality to be the welcoming face of Israel capital as a representation of the nation’s strides toward innovation and inclusion. The center’s intricate design is infused with purposeful meaning. Shalva’s values of love, hope, and human dignity are sensed throughout the campus, reflected in its impressively qualitative facilities and equipment.
The Shalva National Center is positioned to be Israel’s beacon of inclusion and an international leader in disability care and program development.